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Does Chicago Prove that Gun Laws Don’t Work?

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In addition to the pandemic, 2020 was marked by “the deadliest gun violence in decades.”  2021 is on track to be worse, with the Fourth of July weekend setting a record for 2021 mass shootings over a weekend. There were over 400 shootings that killed at least 150 people during that time. Those on the left, broadly construed, profess to want to address this problem. Those on the right, broadly construed, offer thoughts and prayers after each mass shooting and then obstruct the left. While the right tries to present things in terms of an inviolable constitutional right and profess to love such rights, this is clearly a bad faith position. After all, the party is busy restricting voting rights and curtailing liberties and rights they dislike. As such, a true claim would be that the right favors a narrow set of rights for a narrow set of people and gun rights for white people is a major intersection of these sets. To pre-empt the usual ad hominem and straw man attacks, my backstory has given me positive feelings towards guns. From a philosophical standpoint, I have also argued in favor of weapon rights as part of the right to self-defense. This justification does, of course, run up against another of my views in political philosophy. Stealing from Locke and Hobbes, I think that we give up some of our rights when we enter civil society and one can make a good case that this can include the right to possess certain weapons. Somewhat ironically, the people who are mistreated by the political and economic systems would have the best claim to posses and use weapons against those who would harm them. This view is generally the exact opposite of what is pushed by the right. A white couple “protecting” themselves from peaceful protestors legally walking by their property are presented by some as heroes. Minorities who seek to arm themselves are seen in a rather different light. As such, when the right tries to block attempts to address gun violence by appeals to rights, they. . .

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