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Texas Blackout Follow Up

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Texas’ power infrastructure collapsed in the face of a winter storm, leaving many Texans in the frigid darkness. Ted Cruz infamously fled Texas in search of warmer climes, thus ensuring his ongoing success as an ideal Republican politician. You might expect that Texans would respond to this disaster by addressing the underlying problems that made it possible. You might, that is, if you did not understand the Republicans of Texas. During the crisis, the leadership of the state engaged in what seems to be a standard Republican response to a real crisis: they lied about it and put the blame on others. For example, one dishonest talking point was that renewable energy sources were the primary causes of the blackout. This untruth was advanced by Greg Abbott, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Dan Crenshaw. While the failure was complicated, one can look at the facts. First, while renewable energy is part of Texas’ energy infrastructure, it is not the dominate source of energy in the state. Second, even in the case of renewable energy, the problem was not that the energy sources are renewable. The problem was that they were not properly winterized. After all, wind turbines are reliably used in Alaska. Lying has been working very well for the GOP. They know that their base does not care about the truth, is in on the lie, or is unwilling to critically assess their claims. They also know that the truth would hurt them with their base and would not help them with Democrats; so lying is a win and the truth is a loss. Fast forwarding to today, they are still pushing the same lies they told about the Texas blackout. They, after all, have no good reason to tell the truth—other than to solve the problem that will no doubt once again plunge Texas into icy darkness. While Texas lawmakers are taking some action, it seems that they are not doing enough to address the problems. This also seems to be a general Republican strategy: do little or nothing to address real problems.. . .

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