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Hobbes's On The Citizen: A Critical Guide

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2021.03.04 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Robin Douglass and Johan Olsthoorn (eds.), Hobbes's On The Citizen: A Critical Guide, Cambridge University Press, 2020, 251pp., $99.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781108421980. Reviewed by Sandra Leonie Field, Yale-NUS College, Singapore The perennial interest in the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes shows no sign of slowing down. The rush of edited volumes commemorating the 350th anniversary of the publication of his masterpiece Leviathan (1651) has been followed by a steady stream of collections guided by various themes -- Hobbes and the law, feminist interpretations of Hobbes, Hobbes and religion, Hobbes's contemporary relevance -- as well as new general companion volumes every number of years. Robin Douglass and Johan Olsthoorn's book nonetheless makes a distinctive and welcome contribution not addressed by any of the previous volumes. It seeks to determine the political philosophy of Hobbes's less well known book De Cive (1642/1647; referred to throughout the volume as On the Citizen). Although Douglass and Olsthoorn's volume... Read More

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