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What Next for QAnon?

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According to Q, Donald Trump is engaged in a war against a conspiracy of deep-state agents and their celebrity allies. These foes of Trump are said to be involved in Satanism, pedophilia, child trafficking and efforts to extend their life through diabolic means. The members of QAnon believe that Trump will crush his foes in the Storm, which is the QAnon mini apocalypse. Members of QAnon were among those who stormed the capitol. Given their belief that he won the election and still must bring the storm, this behavior makes sense: they see themselves as heroes fighting on the side of their righteous messiah. This perception of Trump, a vile and soulless husk of a grifter, is perhaps the most wrong of their mistaken beliefs. As I discussed in an earlier essay, QAnon has a key similarity to Millerism. The Millerites believed that Jesus would return to earth in 1843-1844 and this lead, obviously, to the Great Disappointment. Some Millerites gave up their belief in the prediction, while others insisted that it had come true and developed accounts to explain what they thought had happened. While Millerism is otherwise very different from QAnon, it and similar apocalyptic belief systems can be used as analogies to consider what might happen with QAnon. It is likely that Trump’s failed attempt to overthrow the election and his impotence in the face of Biden legitimately taking office has demoralized some QAnon members—they have experienced the QDisappointment and it has broken their faith. But people with the sort of belief forming mechanisms that allow a person to embrace QAnon can clearly reject clear and evident facts in favor of a deranged and unfounded fiction. As such, it is likely that many of them are up to the task of interpreting or ignoring the facts to fit their fiction. They can, for example, tell themselves that Trump has made a strategic move to lull his enemies into complacency: once the Democrats and their celebrity allies believe they are in control, Trump. . .

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