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Trump’s Abandoned Mob

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After years of shaping his base, Trump incited them to launch an attack on the capitol to overturn the election. While resulting in surprisingly few deaths, this coup attempt failed. While the right attempted to blame the attack on Antifa, the FBI quickly refuted this absurd lie. As Trump’s final days in office approached, the rioters pleaded for pardons. Since they believed they were doing the will of Trump, it makes sense that they would expect a pardon—after all, they were his loyal warriors who attacked the United States to keep him on the throne. Trump, who went home to watch the riot on TV rather than leading his forces, abandoned them once again. He did, however, issue numerous pardons—just none for them. In fiction, such abandoned followers would be outraged and later seek vengeance for the cruel betrayal. But Trump’s most devoted followers dwell in an alternate reality in which Trump is their god-emperor and his throne was stolen. Many of them also embrace the ludicrous (but dangerous) fictional world of QAnon that envisions Trump as the savior of America—he will sweep away child-stealing cultists in the storm. As such, it would not be surprising if this abandoned mob weaves a narrative in which the heroic Trump has gone to Florida to heroically prepare for the next battle. One for which he will, without doubt, call forth his loyal warriors to place him back on the throne that is rightfully his. Or maybe this will shock them out of their delusion, and they will see Trump for what he really is: a squalid little drifter, a soulless husk of pure selfishness.     My Amazon Author Page My Paizo Page My DriveThru RPG Page Follow Me on Twitter

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