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Republican Response: False False Flag

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After being incited by President Trump, his followers attacked the nation’s capital. After the mob departed, some Republican legislators emerged from hiding and responded to the attack by accusing Antifa of being behind it. This echoed the right-wing media’s narrative about a false flag operation. While there does seem to have been at least one left-wing activist at the capitol, the Antifa claim has been utterly debunked. But the idea of a false false flag is an interesting matter. A false flag operation is an action conducted with the intention of disguising the identity of those responsible and placing the blame on another party. There are numerous historical examples of such operations, which often involved ships attempting to deceive enemy combatants about their identity. There are also cases in which nations use false flag operations as a pretext to start a war: the nation wishing to start a war engages in an attack that is made to look like action taking by the nation they want to go to war with. In the context of domestic American politics, a false flag operation would involve members of one political affiliation or organization conducting an operation while identifying as members of another affiliation or organization. For example, if a white nationalist put on a BLM t-shirt and went to a BLM protest to vandalize property and thus get BLM blamed, then that would be a false flag operation. In the case of the assault on the capitol, the claim put forth by some on the right is that those who engaged in and incited violence at the capital were either Antifa masquerading as Trump supporters or that Antifa members masquerading as Trump supporters incited Trump supporters to engage in violence against people and property. As noted above, it does appear that at least one left-wing activist was encouraging the insurrectionists. This person denied association with Antifa but did say he believed that black lives matter. While I should not need to point out the. . .

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