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VR recommendations (for Oculus Quest 1 & 2)

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I expect plenty of people will be waking up to a new Oculus Quest 2 tomorrow, so figure it could be helpful to share some recommendations, as a long-time fan of virtual reality...First, a cautionary note: the Quest 2 requires a Facebook account to log in, and Facebook actively tries to delete "fake" accounts, so I wouldn't risk using a fake profile. (There are reports of people losing their accounts -- and all their games -- from doing this.)Oculus store recommendations: Oculus lists some of their top recommendations here.  You can try things out and refund them within 2 hours of playing time (and within 14 days of purchase) if you don't like them. I would especially recommend:* Echo VR (free) - Zero-G multiplayer frisbee.  Incredibly immersive and fun.* Superhot VR demo (free) - Time moves when you do.  Incredible use of VR, and something everyone should experience once, but I didn't find enough replay value to make the full version worth it (YMMV).* In Death: Unchained - best archery game, ever.  (Easily the best paid game on the Quest. A must-buy.)* Eleven Table Tennis - accurate physics, feels just like playing in real life, except that you don't have to chase missed / wayward balls around the room.* The Thrill of the Fight - boxing sim, best VR exercise. (More conventional fitness apps, like FitXR, are also worth checking out, but TTotF seems more effective to me, as well as being more fun -- and cheaper, too.)* Audica - rhythm games are amazing in VR, and this is the best of the lot.  Pistol Whip is cooler (and more universally acclaimed), but I actually get more sheer enjoyment from Audica.* TRIPP - meditation app.  The breathing exercises help me to sleep better.  I'm more motivated to meditate with the VR visuals compared to non-VR options like Headspace; but be warned that the "inspirational" voiceovers can be annoying. (Fortunately there is a mute option.)* Dreadhalls - cheap horror game,. . .

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