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The Drones are Coming! The Drones are Coming! Where is Isaac Asimov When we Need him?

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  This clip looks like a videogame, but it is not (caution! Disturbing images). You are seeing Azeri drones destroying Armenian military units during the recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Where is Isaac Asimov when we need him and his three laws of robotics?  Many things have been happening in 2020 that will reverberate for many years in the future. While the West is busy with its "great reset," a small war was fought in a region of the world that you probably had never heard about before: the Nagorno-Karabakh. There, the army of Azerbaijan soundly defeated the defending Armenian army. What made this campaign peculiar is that it was the first time in history that a military confrontation was decided by drones. After that the Azeris (the Azerbaijan people) had gained control of the sky, their drones could pick the Armenian military units one by one and destroy them at ease. There are video clips all over the Web showing vehicles and other installations being destroyed, and people being shred to pieces and tossed around like ragdolls. No surprise: the writing was on the rotor blades. Already in 2012, I had started thinking about the consequences of the development of military robots in a chapter that I had written for Jorgen Randers' "2052" book. I had returned to the subject in 2019 when I had noted how cheap drones would change the rules of war because they could be managed by small organizations, possibly private military contractors. We don't know exactly who managed the drones used by the Azerbaijan forces, but we know that they were made in Turkey, not a major player in the world's power game. Azerbaijan, then, could afford to deploy a number of drones sufficient to overwhelm the Armenian forces even though it is a small country with a GDP of just about 44 billion dollars per year. If Bill Gates had decided to go to war against Azerbaijan, he alone could have defeated the Azeri with his private financial assets, estimated at. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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