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Logic: A Study Guide — Basic Model Theory

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I’m continuing work on the update for Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide. So there are now five chapters in the new Logic: A Study Guide. There are three preliminary chapters, giving an introduction for philosophers, an introduction for mathematicians, and a guide-to-the-guide. Then there is a long chapter on FOL. I’ve previously posted versions of these. The fifth chapter is on entry-level model theory. There’s an overview introducing a few elementary results, intended to give a flavour of the enterprise. There follows the usual sort of reading guide. Here then is the Guide including this new  chapter. Need I add? — all comments very gratefully received. In particular I’m sure I can do better at the end of the displayed box on p. 34. I say earlier in the chapter that — although the focus is of course on standard first-order model theory — it is worth at this stage knowing just a bit about second-order logic/theories (so you get e.g. a glimmer of why first-order arithmetic isn’t categorical which a second-order arithmetic can be). But what short and accessible reading on second-order logic would you recommend at this stage? Later in the Guide we’ll be taking a serious look at the topic: but what brisk (perhaps arm-waving but still helpful) intro could be offered at this point? The post Logic: A Study Guide — Basic Model Theory appeared first on Logic Matters.

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