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Logic: A Study Guide — First Order Logic

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I have started working occasionally on an update for Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide. It now has a slightly different format — and a marginally snappier title, Logic:  A Study Guide. After three preliminary chapters — an “Introduction for Philosophers”, a shorter “Introduction for Mathematicians”, and a chapter on “Using this Guide” — the first substantial chapter of the new Guide gives, as you would expect, basic reading recommendations on first order logic. Here then is a draft of those preliminary chapters together with the new Chapter 4. (The earlier chapters will only be of any interest to those not familiar with the general intention of the Guide: everyone else can start reading at p. 12.) All comments and suggestions very gratefully received, as always. “Ok, it looks prettier, but the principal recommendations haven’t changed!” I’m afraid not. I have been doing a lot of enjoyable and indeed instructive re-reading over the last couple of weeks, but I do seem to have ended up not changing my verdicts about very much. Fancy that! “So after all that effort, it’s a bit like Ford Prefect updating his entry for the Earth in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from ‘Harmless’ to ‘Mostly harmless’?” Harsh but embarrassingly close to the truth … … Still, there are enough minor changes, perhaps, to make it all worth while! The post Logic: A Study Guide — First Order Logic appeared first on Logic Matters.

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