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Election/Voter Fraud: The Great Disappointment?

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Since his election in 2016 Trump has been pushing false claims about voter fraud. After decisively losing the 2020 election, Trump and his supporters claimed widespread voter/election fraud and his legal team headed to court. While Fox News provided some support for the fraud claims, the network earned the ire of Trump and his supporters for not going all in and for some factual reporting. Fortunately for Trump, the right-wing media has been generally supportive of the unsupported claims of fraud. Out of respect for Trump supporters I took their claims seriously and assumed they were honest in their claims and had laudable moral motivations. That is, they believed their claims of fraud and were motivated by a desire to ensure that the election was fair and secure. As such, I did what I would do when any professional colleague makes claims that seem implausible: I give them a reasonable chance to provide supporting evidence and endeavor to be objective and patient. In return, they do the same with my implausible claims. As I write this, no evidence of widespread voter/election fraud has been provided. While Trump’s legal team has filed about 36 lawsuits, at least 25 have been denied, dismissed, settled or withdrawn. Interestingly, while Trump’s team makes claims about fraud in public, they do not make this claim in court. The reason is, of course, that they can lie in public but lies told in court come with consequences. As many others have noted, Trump’s legal team has had ample opportunity to present evidence in court—and have simply not done so. What remains of his team have made the claim that they do have amazing evidence, but they keep refusing to provide it. Even Tucker Carlson has grown frustrated with the promises to provide evidence tomorrow for claims made today. While Trump’s legal team has been publicly advancing unsupported conspiracy theories about election fraud, even they proved to have some limits. After Trump legal team member Sidney Powell. . .

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