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Believe Today; Proof Will Be Here Tomorrow

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Trump questioned the legitimacy of his own election by advancing the claim that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. Despite being has unable to present any evidence for this claim after four years, his supporters seem to still believe this lie. Before the 2020 election he stoked the fears and delusions of his base with unfounded claims of fraud-t0-be while he and his party systemically tried to undermine the election—with a special effort to attack the USPS. In an open display of authoritarianism, Trump has now refused to accept the results of the election. Instead, he has continued to actively undermine American democracy by persisting in false claims about voter fraud. Election officials across the country (Republican and Democrat) have said that there was no widespread fraud and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has expressed confidence in the security of the vote—making a statement that seems to have been in response to yet another baseless allegation of election fraud. Despite the lack of evidence for fraud and the evidence the election was secure, the administration is persisting. Some members of the Trump administration have taken leave from their official jobs to serve as members of a private group investigation the claims of alleged fraud. There is considerable speculation as to why Trump is not accepting the results and, more importantly, why he is being backed in his lies by some top Republicans. Trump is using the claims about fraud to fuel his fundraising, which seems like a reason for him to keep lying. While he is selling it to his base as being focused on the recount, 60% of a donation up to $8,333 goes to Trump’s new PAC and 40% goes to the RNC (which can, but is not required, to spend it on recounts). Trump and the RNC have a clear financial incentive to persist in actively burning down confidence in our democracy—these fires warm and guide his donors. They will, of course, eventually tap out the donors and even his. . .

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