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Mike’s Election FAQs

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Voter Fraud Q: Look at this video showing voter and election fraud by Democrats. Why don’t you believe that there is widespread voter and election fraud by Democrats? A:  Voter or election fraud are criminal activities; typically, felonies. Do you have the police reports or court transcripts for these crimes? Q: No; why don’t you look at this YouTube video showing the crime? A: Why aren’t you sending the link to law enforcement? They are often very interested in crimes.   Winning then losing Q: How could Trump be winning and then losing? A: Ever seen sports? Like that.   Stop or Go Q: Is it consistent to demand that vote counting stop where Trump is winning and demand that it continues where he is losing? A: No; this is a fundamental attack on democracy which requires counting the votes of all citizens. In a democracy the citizens determine the results of the election and not the leader. Q: But I want my guy to win and I do not care about democracy or principles. A: Well, you are at least an authoritarian and perhaps even a fascist. Q: But I believe Fox and the right-wing sources! A: Why? What evidence do they offer beyond just saying words you want to hear? Why believe them over all the election supervisors and all the objective evidence? If the Democrats are stealing the election, they are doing it in a weird way: The Republicans are winning many races–surely cheating Democrats would cheat that, too. The best explanation: the results are accurate, and Democrats are not “stealing the election.” Trump is trying to do that by overriding the popular vote before it is even settled.   Mail in Votes Q: Why are mail in votes being counted now? A: In many cases Republican state legislatures forbid their state from counting these votes before election day. Since they could not be counted then, they must be counted now. And that takes time.

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