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The Mind of the Evil Ruler: What Goes on inside the Heads of the People who Govern the World?

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The damage that bad rulers can do to people and things is gigantic, especially considering that they command military apparatuses of immense power. But what goes on in their minds, exactly? Are some of them truly evil? Or just criminally incompetent? We'll probably never know for sure, but we have some hints for at least some of them. There is a sentence attributed to Terry Pratchett that goes as, "the IQ of a mob is the IQ of its most stupid member divided by the number of mobsters." Actually, I think Robert Heinlein said something similar first (although I can't find that quote anymore). In any case, the idea that collective intelligence goes down with the number of the members of a group seems to have some logic in it, although it cannot be said to be scientifically proven.If that's true, then we have a huge problem. How to manage states formed of tens or hundreds of millions, even billions, of people? If we apply Pratchett's formula, we see that the intelligence of such enormous crowds is nearly zero. And the current world situation seems to agree with this assessment. A possible solution for the problem is to reduce the denominator of the formula to a single, absolute ruler. Indeed, it seems that human crowds, dumb as they may be, still perceive the problem and tend to give all the power to single figures. The bigger the problems, the more likely it is that most people will think it can be solved by someone who will "get things done." Unfortunately, the idea of giving all the power to a single big man doesn't seem to work so well. Another quote by Robert Heinlein says "A well run tyranny is almost as scarce as an efficient democracy." (confirmed). You may have read that Trump is a narcissist, Biden is affected by Alzheimer's, Putin by the Asperger syndrome, Hitler by bipolar disorder, and that Assad is evil just because he is. The list of mad or evil rulers is long, but what do we know about these people? In practice, very little because they live. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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