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Expand or Suppress Voting?

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Very broadly speaking, the Democrats and Republicans have adopted two fundamentally different strategies to wining elections. I am not claiming that these strategies are used in every race and by every candidate, just that they are the broad approaches of the parties. Democrats have adopted a general strategy of winning by getting more voters to vote for them. Republicans have adopted a general strategy of reducing the number of votes for the Democrats. This might seem to be distinction without a difference, but these are fundamentally different approaches as I will show. One part of the Democrat’s strategy is expanding the number of voters who vote by having more registered voters.  They tend to support laws that would make it easier for citizens to register to vote and they tend to encourage people to register. They also tend to support restoring voting rights to felons who have served their time. In contrast, Republicans have done their best to prevent ex-felons from voting—even when they have the right to do so.  Republicans will sometimes accuse Democrats of getting non-citizens (or dead people) to vote. While it is true that non-citizens sometimes do get registered to vote, this seems to usually be an accident. Voter fraud is exceptionally rare and non-citizens voting is a rare form of fraud, despite Republicans claims. Democrats and Republicans both seem to believe that new voters are more likely to vote for Democrats—so this strategy makes sense. Democrats also tend to favor expanding the opportunities for citizens to vote. This includes such things as having many polling places, having the polls open for extended periods of time, having reliable public or private transport to the polls, and allowing vote-by-mail (sometimes known as absentee ballots). Republicans, in contrast, have been waging legal battles to limit ballot boxes. They have also adopted a strategy of reducing polling sites and hours.  Trump has waged a war of lies against mail-in-ballots.. . .

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