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Dedekind’s Contributions to the Foundations of Mathematics

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[Revised entry by Erich Reck on October 23, 2020. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Richard Dedekind (1831 - 1916) was one of the greatest mathematicians of the nineteenth-century, as well as one of the most important contributors to algebra and number theory of all time. Any comprehensive history of mathematics will mention him for his investigation of the notions of algebraic number, field, group, module, lattice, etc., and especially for the invention of his theory of ideals (see, e.g., Dieudonne 1985, Boyer a Merzbach 1991, Stillwell 2000, Kolmogorov a Yushkevich 2001, Wussing 2012)....

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News source: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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