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The Pavel Haas Quartet, concert at Brno

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 These troubled times call for more music. So here are the Pavel Haas Quartet at the Janáček festival in Brno a few days ago. Immensely enjoyable. They play Martinu’s  7th Quartet (starting at 2.15); Janáček’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’ Quartet (at 27.30); and Dvořák’s String Quintet No. 3 (at 53.30). These are characteristically fine performances, and well filmed too. The PHQ were asked by John Gilhooly of Wigmore Hall to perform a cycle of the Martinu quartets, and are still listed as performing the first two of the planned concerts there later this month; but I doubt that they will now happen, given the situation with the pandemic both here and in Czechoslovakia. So it is very good to have the chance of hearing them play one of those quartets here. Followers of the PHQ’s fortunes will know that Jiří Kabát left abruptly at the beginning of the year, and that their violist since has again (temporarily?) been their founder member Pavel Nikl who so sadly had to leave the quartet for family reasons a few years ago. I think the additional player for the Quintet is the violist of the Zemlinsky Quartet. The post The Pavel Haas Quartet, concert at Brno appeared first on Logic Matters.

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