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The Emotional Mind: A Control Theory of Affective States

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2020.10.11 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Tom Cochrane, The Emotional Mind: A Control Theory of Affective States, Cambridge University Press, 2019, 244pp., $99.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781108429672. Reviewed by Colin Klein, The Australian National University Tom Cochrane's book forges into the philosophy of emotion on a new and powerful vehicle: the idea of valent representations. His project is ambitious. Cochrane uses valent representations to give models of affect, pleasure and pain, emotion, moods, expressive behavior, social intentionality, norms, collective effervescence, inner speech, sentiments, personality, and character. Philosophers interested in any of these topics will find it a rich book, full of nuance and insight. Chapter 1 introduces the idea of valent representations. They are not necessarily the only primitive kind of mental content, says Cochrane, but they have a kind of content, and form the primitive foundation for other affective states. Valent representation is built around the idea of negative feedback loops. Detection of something in... Read More

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