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Trump & American War Dead

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The Atlantic recently published a piece claiming that Trump described Americans killed in was as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ Trump has denied these claims and his supporters have rushed to defend him. As would be expected, people trend to believe or reject the claims based on their ideology rather than on considerations of the evidence. I will endeavor to assess the claims philosophically. In support of the claims is the fact that the Atlantic is a credible source that engages in careful fact checking.  The story has also been corroborated by other news outlets. Trump and his supporters deny the claims. From a critical thinking standpoint, this dispute comes down to an assessment of relative credibility of the Atlantic and Trump. Looked at objectively, Trump lies regularly and the Atlantic carefully fact checks its claims. As such, this is a major plus in favor of the Atlantic. Trump’s supporters will certainly assert, without evidence, that the Atlantic is fake news—but the burden of proof is on them to respond to the evidence in favor of the Atlantic’s credibility. If the Atlantic is fake news, they should be able to present a body of evidence establishing this. An obvious problem is that trump’s supporters tend to reject any claims unfavorable to Trump as false while those who loath Trump will tend to accept such claims because of there dislike of Trump. For those between these extremes, the Atlantic would presumably win the credibility battle. Counting against the Atlantic is the fact that it has a known center-left bias. As such, the Atlantic does have a motivation to be critical of Trump and this lowers its credibility. Trump and his supporters are, obviously, biased in Trump’s favor—which lowers their credibility. As such, it comes down to assessing the relative bias and its impact on the credibility of each source. Once again, Trump’s supporters will tend to see the Atlantic as utterly biased against Trump and those who loath Trump will take him as utterly. . .

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