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Two big red logic books, again

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When I saw the proof copies of the Amazon cheap print-on-demand versions of IFL2 and IGT2, I changed the layout a bit, increased the width of the ‘gutter’ so that a two-page opening worked better with the binding. I’ve just got author copies of the now published versions, and I must say that things have worked out excellently. The quality of the printing and paper is very good (if anything I prefer these copies to the original CUP printings); and the cover is simple but OK. One happy purchaser, when his order arrived, emailed “amazing”. I’m not quite sure I’d go as far as that; but at the price, the books really are pretty well produced,  certainly to a higher standard than I was originally expecting. Buy with confidence, as they say. Since these new versions are not coming from a publisher with a marketing department, your university librarian will not get to know about it them the usual way. You will therefore need to give them the details and ask them to order a printed copy for the library (details below). Please do take a moment do this: the books are more or less at cost, peanuts for a library, so I don’t have a financial incentive in asking this. It is just that many students prefer working from a physical book, and a few have real problems with prolonged onscreen reading.  It will be back to Gödel Without Tears on Monday. Meanwhile, many thanks to the handful who have posted comments here, and to the larger number of kind e-mailers. Corrected and slightly revised versions of the first four chapters will be posted together with the first of next week’s tranche of chapters. I’m finding it quite fun to revisit this material. (But in lockdown life, it perhaps doesn’t take so much to amuse!) Info for librarians (and for you, if you’ve been meaning to order and need a nudge!): Peter Smith, An Introduction to Formal Logic (2nd edition, originally published by CUP 2020; now available as Amazon print on demand). ISBN-13 :. . .

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