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Philosophy as Drama: Plato's Thinking through Dialogue

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2020.08.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Hallvard Fossheim, Vigdis Songe-Møller, and Knut Ågotnes (eds.), Philosophy as Drama: Plato's Thinking through Dialogue, Bloomsbury, 2019, 247pp., $114.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781350082496. Reviewed by Brooks A. Sommerville, University of British Columbia Roughly sixty years ago, certain interpreters dragged the study of Plato's dialogues into the modern world by subjecting them to analytic philosophical methods. So goes the prevailing history of Plato scholarship. With this development, specialists could explain their research to their colleagues using familiar modern categories, and -- what is perhaps just another way of saying the same thing -- it conferred modern respectability on a set of texts whose place in philosophical research had come into question. Unfortunately for the study of Plato, the story does not end there. This newfound respectability came at a cost, for it did not fall equally on every Stephanus page. While scholars readily saw how they could apply modern techniques to the crisp,... Read More

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