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The Triumph of Catastrophism. How Greta Thumberg Carried the Day

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Disclaimer: I am NOT saying here that the Covid-19 does not exist nor that people didn't die because of it. If you react with the term "denialism" you are only showing that you have no rational arguments to produce. Do you remember that weird girl from Sweden? Yes, the one with the braided hair. What was her name? Greta something.... It is strange that people seemed to pay attention to what she was saying. What was she talking about? Matters nobody really should care about, things like climate change, yes. Why should anyone be worried by that when there are much more important matters at hand with the great pandemic sweeping the world? And yet, strangely, nowadays people are doing exactly what Greta had told them to do.  Not long ago, I published on Cassandra's Legacy a post titled "The Great Failure of Catastrophism." In it, I argued that some 50 years of warnings from scientists had been completely ignored by the powers that be. I also argued that a relatively minor perturbation, as the one caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, had been enough to consign all worries about climate to the dustbin of the silly ideas that nobody should care about.  But things keep changing and I am now amazed to see how what catastrophists said should have been done is being done. It is just that it is being done in ways that most of us couldn't possibly have imagined. Several of the most destructive and most polluting human activities are being abandoned or at least downsized. People are not flying anymore so much, they stopped most of their long distance traveling, the mass migration called "international tourism" seems to have disappeared for good. Many other expensive and useless activities seem to be in the process of being abandoned,  Many of the most polluting manufacturing operations are slowing down, and with that the exploitation of natural resources. The shale oil industry is dead and the whole extractive industry is going down the drain, too. Humans seem. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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