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Nine books on philosophy and race [reading list]

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Featuring a selection of new titles from leading voices, and major works from across the discipline, the OUP Philosophy team has selected several of its important books exploring race from different philosophical perspectives.From David Livingstone Smith’s On Inhumanity, which provides an unflinching guide to the phenomenon of dehumanization, to Naomi Zack’s The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race, containing a wealth of voices addressing a comprehensive range of key topics, all the books featured here are thoughtful, powerful, and important contributions to thinking, speaking, and acting positively about race.Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self by Linda Martín AlcoffDrawing on philosophical sources, as well as theories and empirical studies in the social sciences, the author argues that identities are not like special interests, nor are they doomed to oppositional politics, nor do they inevitably lead to conformism, essentialism, or reductive approaches to judging others. Read the introduction here.Unmuted: Conversations on Prejudice, Oppression, and Social Justice by Myisha CherryFocussing on subjects too often omitted from mainstream philosophy, this book presents a collection of interviews the author conducted with a vibrant and diverse group of philosophers her podcast, UnMute. The author and her interviewees cover issues including social protests, Black Lives Matter, climate change, education, integration, LGBTQ issues, and the Me Too movement. This collection of 31 interviews shows what philosophy can contribute in divisive times.What is Race? Four Philosophical Views by Joshua Glasgow, Sally Haslanger, Chike Jeffers, and Quayshawn SpencerFour prominent philosophers and race theorists debate how best to answer a series of difficult questions: Do we know what race is? Is it a social construct or a biological object? Is it a bankrupt holdover from a time before sophisticated scientific understanding and genetics; or, is race real? They apply. . .

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