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Interest in Gödel? Just a bit!

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Yesterday, just after I posted here about the availability now of my Gödel book as a free PDF download, I tweeted the same news, and that tweet was retweeted dozens of times. After 24 hours, the book has been downloaded … over 47 thousand times. Which is a bit crazy. The Daughter immediately had the explanation. Someone had posted a link on Hacker News, giving just the title with a direct link (but not explaining that An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems is a long book!). And that link stayed on the front page of Hacker News for quite a while. No doubt most of those who clicked through, not reading the comments that pointed out that it is a book, and perhaps thinking they were going to download a quick read, were surprised by what they found! But still, I guess that it is really rather good to find that so many were tempted to follow up a link to something on Gödel’s theorems. The topic (rightly!) remains of considerable interest, even fascination. Which certainly encourages me to crack on and finish reworking the cut-down version of the book, Gödel Without Tears. The post Interest in Gödel? Just a bit! appeared first on Logic Matters.

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