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Voting Guide: Joe vs. Donald

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The legitimacy of a democratic state (broadly defined) rests on the consent of the governed and this is expressed through voting. As such, you should vote and should support (or at least not oppose) efforts to ensure that all citizens can vote without facing an undue burden. In terms of who you should vote for between Joe and Donald, that is obviously up to you. But this guide is intended to help people pick between Joe Biden and Donald Trump based on their espoused political views. Starting on the extreme left, if you are an authoritarian in red, then Donald is your guy. An authoritarian in red favors strict obedience to the state but favors “workers unite” over “blood and soil” and prefers hammers and sickles to eagles and lightning bolts. Donald is your best bet because Joe is not an authoritarian. Donald does not so much have an ideology. Rather, he has personality and moral defects that correspond closest to authoritarianism. While Trump is on the right, the work he is doing to establish authoritarianism will weaken the democratic defenses and can allow you and your fellow comrades a better chance of getting that leftist authoritarian state that would make Stalin proud. It is, after all, no accident that Trump has lavished praise on China and North Korea—they are red authoritarian states. While this horribly oversimplifies things, I will smash together the radical left: the anarchists, the communists, and the socialists. While they differ in important ways, they do have remarkably similar endgame goals. They all want to replace the brutally exploitive capitalist system with one that is none of these things. The communists and anarchists also want to eliminate the brutally oppressive state. These two goals are linked: brutally exploitive capitalism requires a brutally oppressive state to maintain it, and this state exists to maintain the brutally exploitive capitalism. While this might sound insane, Donald is your guy. Donald, unlike the recent presidents, has. . .

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