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Not so structural … so back to Gödel instead!

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A week with many domestic distractions; so until today I’ve not been able to settle for any length of time to such logical matters as reading on in the Pre-History of Mathematical Structuralism. And now returning to that book, I do confess I find that my interest is waning. Having read (increasingly speedily) the next four essays, I’m not particularly enthralled. When commenting on the piece by Ferreirós and Reck on Dedekind, I worried that (at least  by my lights) it was done with too broad a brush to paint in enough mathematically satisfying detail. I’ve had rather similar reactions to some of the other essays.  I may well yet return to jot down some notes on more of the essays in this book. But for the moment, I’m finding myself much more enthusiastic about a quite different project — a revised edition of Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears, which I started working on a little while back. I’m making some minor revisions/clarifications of the content, but also changing the format as I go along. And I’ve been encouraged to make it available as a print-on-demand book. Which I will probably do;  so watch this space for an announcement, perhaps in a month’s time, of a 150 page book. If I get the hang of this self-publishing malarkey. What fun! The post Not so structural … so back to Gödel instead! appeared first on Logic Matters.

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