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Fighting Overpopulation: Ten methods to exterminate most of humankind

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First of all, a disclaimer: I am not advocating the extermination of anyone! This post is just an attempt of mine to place myself in the shoes of the bad guys who could think of doing such a thing and examine how they could do it. Could these scenarios occur for real? I don't know but, as I say at the beginning of this blog, "always plan for the worst case hypothesis"You know that there are people, high up in the hierarchy, who have powers that we commoners can't even dream of. And when the powers that be (PTB) decide that something is to be done, they usually succeed by a combination of propaganda, money, and sheer force. Obviously, they can't miss the fact that for decades the world's best scientists have been speaking about a coming collapse of the global ecosystem, mainly because of climate change. So, would they act on this knowledge? And, if so, how?Like everybody else, the PTBs think in terms of their personal survival and some of them reacted to the threat of the collapse of the ecosystem by buying desert bunkers and stockpiling food and weapons in there. But what if some of them decided to take a more proactive stance? Not being scientists, they may well reason in simplified terms: what is the cause of the coming collapse? Those pesky humans, of course. Then, an obvious solution is to get rid of most of them.The bad guys who plan the extermination of humankind are a classic element of science fiction, but large scale exterminations are a constant of real history. So, what shape could a large scale extermination plan take, nowadays? In the following, I tried to provide an answer. I don't know if I am evil enough for the task and, fortunately, I am not in the position to implement any of these plans. Also, I am sure I am teaching nothing to people who are much more evil than I. But here is what I came up with. The list doesn't include ways to reduce natality, only straight extermination. The methods are classed from the least efficient to the most. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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