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Overpopulation: Are You Sure it is an Ignored Problem?

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the problem of world overpopulation was often discussed and birth control was proposed as a solution. It soon became politically incorrect even to discuss this subject in public, but it may be that it wasn't forgotten, only acted upon in ways that didn't involve a public debate. In July of every year, the WWF usually alerts of the arrival of the "Fish Dependence Day" in Europe. It marks the date when the European consumption of fish equals the projected yearly production of fish from European seas. There follows that, from that day onward, Europeans eat only imported fish or offshore fish up to the end of the year and, as you may imagine, the fated day comes a little earlier every year. It is just one of the many indicators of the overexploitation of the world's natural resources, as I and my coworker Perissi describe in our recent book "The Empty Sea".The politically correct way to mention overexploitation is to say that we should be more careful, consume a little less, diversify, avoid the most overexploited stocks of resources, and that then everything will be well. This is the way I reported the 2020 Fish Dependence Day in an article I wrote for an Italian Newspaper.You have to be careful in these matters: just a few days ago I was attacked on Facebook as a would-be exterminator of humankind just because I said that the Covid-19 epidemic is basically over in Italy. But when anonymous commenting is allowed, as it is in that newspaper, people can afford to be less careful. And the comments to my article were most politically incorrect: the majority of them blamed overpopulation. You may say that it is a simplistic view of a complex situation, but there is a tremendous fascination with simple solutions to complex problems. Fewer people means less resource consumption, and -- magically -- all problems are solved, from fish depletion to climate change.Of course, the politically correct way to mention overpopulation is to immediately add a. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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