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Was the Lockdown Effective in Stopping the Spread of the Coronavirus? The Aztec Dilemma

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This post was inspired by a post by Chuck Pezeshki on the Aztec civilization, highly recommended as an introduction. Scene: Inside the temple at the top of the great pyramid of TenochtitlánCharacters: the ArchPriest (Master) and the Young Priest (Prentice)___________________________________________________________________Prentice: Grand Master, where are you? (walks around, looking). Grand Master? Grand Master:  Uh...? Prentice, is that you?Oh... there you are, Master. It's me. Yes. I am sorry to disturb you when you are praying, but...Hmmmm... I was taking a nap. What's happening?Master. I need your advice.Ah...?See, Master. The time of today's sacrifice is coming. Yes, of course, I know... I know. We have to start preparing. I must have my obsidian knife somewhere.... By the fangs of of Xipe Totec, it is already getting dark. We have to prepare. . . Master, you see, I wanted to tell you something. Ah...?  Yes, Prentice. We still have some time. But where the Xochiquetzal is my obsidian knife..... Master, I have a problem....Oh, yes, here it is. Good old knife... So many hearts I took out with it! But what were you saying, Prentice?Master, I was thinking of something.Hmmmm.... Now I need my Mictlantecuhtli mask, should be around. And what have you been thinking?Master, we always say that if we don't sacrifice every day to the sun god Huitzilopochtli, the sun will stop moving in the sky.  Eh... yes.... that's the point of the sacrifice, of course. You studied that during your training. But where the heck is that mask....Master, how do we know that?How do we know what?That the sun' won't rise tomorrow if we don't perform the sacrifice.Prentice, you are a smart boy. You know that the god Huitzilopochtli appreciates our sacrifices. And that's proven by the fact that the sun rises every morning. What the great Xochiquetzal have you been thinking? Thinking that, well, what if we skip it?We skip what?Yes, the sacrifice,. . .

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News source: Cassandra's Legacy

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