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Force, Drive, Desire: A Philosophy of Psychoanalysis

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2020.05.20 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Rudolf Bernet, Force, Drive, Desire: A Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Sarah Allen (tr.), Northwestern University Press, 2020, 391pp., $39.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780810142237. Reviewed by Daniel J. Smith, The University of Memphis The relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis has been an object of heated discussion for as long as the latter discipline has existed. Freud was famously suspicious of philosophy. Styling himself a hard-nosed man of science, he classed philosophy alongside superstition, religion, and myth as a prescientific way of thinking whose persistence in the modern world can be explained only by analogy with paranoid fantasy.[1] Among the various branches of philosophy, it was metaphysics that impressed him least. In his published work he wrote of the need to replace fanciful notions of "transcendental reality" with a scientific "psychology of the unconscious" and thereby "transform metaphysics into metapsychology" (ibid.); in private he confessed that I... Read More

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