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New items from IAI for Week of May 11th

Our friends at The Institute of Art and Ideas have published the following items. Check them out!

  • Our article 'battling the coronamonster' by Natalie Lawrence on why the 'Covid Monster' is our greatest fears manifest here
  • Our article 'The self unlocked' by Peter Sjostedt-H on why psychedelic experience is the key to life here
  • Our article 'The tyranny of progress' article by Felix Ringel on why we need to plan for a radically different future here
  • Our article 'Emergency ethics' on why in an emergency we become acutely aware of our social duties, and why we should persistently remind ourselves of the role we have to play here.
  • Our article 'Creating the Covid-19 story' about how to control the pandemic's narrative here.
  • Our NEW e-debate (!!) 'The Age of Anxiety' with David Nutt, Caroline Hickman and Mark Salter on whether we have over-medicalised the issue of anxiety here
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