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Inference and Consciousness

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2020.05.07 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Anders Nes and Timothy Chan (eds.), Inference and Consciousness, Routledge, 2020, 294pp., $140.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781138557178. Reviewed by Christopher Mole, University of British Columbia Psychologists who ventured into the territory of their philosophical neighbours thirty years ago were often looking for ideas about consciousness, but they were also interested in reasoning and the representation of thought. Those interests gave the impetus to questions about the purportedly analogue format of mental imagery (Kosslyn; Sterelny; Rollins); to questions about the apparent need for inference to be conducted in a language of thought (Fodor; Fodor and Pylyshyn); and to questions about the putative roles for 'heuristics' (Tversky and Kahneman; Gigerenzer), and for 'mental models' (Johnson-Laird), in supporting reasoning. Themes from that twentieth-century work make a number of appearances in this volume of new essays, edited by Anders Nes with his whilom colleague Timothy Chan. The book's eleven chapters... Read More

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