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Florence: Two Months Later. The Day of the Zombies

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May 1st, 2020. Florentines sit in the sun the "Piazza Pitti" square in Florence to pump up their vitamin D levels after nearly two months of segregation in their homes.The Florentines are back. After two months of forced segregation after the start of the COVID-19 epidemics, the regional government finally issued an "ordinanza" allowing people to walk free in the streets of their own town. They are still ordered to wear face masks and groups are forbidden, but it seems that it is past the time when you were insulted from the windows if you were seen walking in the street, or reported to the police by your neighbors if they saw you leaving home more than once per day.Now, Florentines can walk in the sun again. And this is what they did on this sunny weekend in May.The result was eerie and disconcerting. There was a definite sense of "zombie movie" in the masked people cautiously exploring the streets, tending to avoid each other. It reminded a little the photos of Tokyo or Hiroshima after the bombings of WW2: with the survivors walking aimlessly among ruins. Florence has not been bombed, of course, all the buildings are still standing. But, in a sense, it has been razed down like Hiroshima, it is in ruins in an economic sense. All the shops are closed. With the current rules of "social distancing," it is unthinkable that restaurants or coffee shops will ever be able to reopen -- the same is true for museums and other attractions. And when will tourists come back to a ghost city? No tourists, no money, no jobs, no income. Those people walking along the street were economic zombies, and they seemed to realize that.But, if it all happened, it was because it had to happen. And even zombies can sit on a bench, take off their face mask, and enjoy a quiet afternoon in the silence of the empty streets and the closed shops. Afternoon in Piazza della Passera, Florence.

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