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10 Best Heat Press Machines 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

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The advent of selling handcrafted goods online has spawned a plethora of different products and tools to assist home crafters with their work. Some of the most popular handmade items are t-shirts, tote bags, and other apparel with custom phrases or designs. One of the best ways to make these great custom items is with the help of a heat press machine. Companies like Cricut, who grew famous for their vinyl cutting machines marketed toward casual home users, were some of the first on the market to make compact heat press machines for people to use at home. Their heat press machines are stylish and easy to use, but lack the functionality of some more commercial heat presses. Since there is such a large variety of options available, it is important to consider a few criteria when choosing a heat press machine. Size: Probably one of the most obvious considerations, the size of the heat press machine will determine what you can and can’t make with it. Depending on your crafting needs, a smaller and less expensive machine might work just fine. However, if you ever want to make something on a larger scale you’ll be limited. For this reason, I would recommend going with the largest size you can afford. Surface Material: Some heat press machines have a Teflon coated heat surface. Teflon, known for its non-stick properties, is an integral part of the heat pressing process. If a machine doesn’t have this coating, you’ll need to purchase additional Teflon sheets to use with it so that things don’t stick to each other when hot. This is not only a cost consideration but also a convenience one. Adding and moving sheets around in between presses can add processing time and makes the whole experience more of a hassle. Controls and Features: Most machines have a temperature control feature that allows user to adjust the heat settings to fit their heat transfer material’s recommendations. The displays of heat press machines have a lot of variation. Some have standard. . .

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