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Lessons from COVID-19 VII: Critical Unity

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Image Credit Anyone who is familiar with team sports knows that if team members are not working together during the game, then the team is not going to do well. As such, good athletes set aside the conflicts they might have with teammates when on the field and come together to win. This does not, of course, mean that a good athlete will blindly accept whatever a teammate or coach has done or might do. For example, a good athlete would not allow a teammate to cheat or a coach to abuse athletes. As another example, a good athlete would not tolerate a teammate who engages in domestic abuse or dog fighting just because they are on the same team. While humans do form various competing teams, during this pandemic we should strive to see ourselves as all being on the same team—we are playing a deadly game of humans versus viruses. Since we are all on the same team, we should adopt the attitude of good athletes when they are on the field: we should strive to set aside our differences and come together to achieve victory. To the degree we fight, bicker and compete against each other, we are hurting the team. To the degree we cooperate, we are helping team human. As would be expected, the greater the power and influence a person has, the more important it is that they work with the team and set aside less important concerns—at least for the duration of the game. While it would be unreasonable to think that everyone will be a good team player, there is still the minimal expectation that team members will not actively try to cause senseless conflict or interfere with the players who are trying to win. Unfortunately for the world, there are those who are not only bad at being team players, they are actively causing harm. While there are examples outside of the United States, my accountability lies mainly within the borders of my country—as an American, I bear some responsibility for my leaders and fellow citizens. As should be expected, my focus will be on Trump. As. . .

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