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I am uninspired, a little broken, a little sad, and trepidatious, undone by my mother wondering if I can write poetry, but I suppose I already am. This is a long poem, interrupted by news flashes and news holes. Barrenness. Grape purpleness, a virus ravaging people all over the Earth, and there’s not much I can do. The best I can do is nothing. Don’t leave the house. Maybe stay in this little nook of the house, with my microwave and big white fridge, with my French press and small jar of sweetener. Maybe doing nothing is the best revenge against a microbial virus with the fucking gall to do this to us all and a moronic president hoping for full pews on Easter. That’s not my Easter you son of a bitch Take that in your eye, in your orange morass of hair and white-rimmed eyeballs.  

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