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Dale Jacquette’s biography of Frege, again

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In a posting here almost a year ago, I was rather scathing about Dale Jacquette’s book  Frege: A Philosophical Biography (surprisingly, to my mind, published by CUP in 2019). But I frankly admitted to having read only a hundred pages or so before giving up on the book. Was I being unfair, then? Did I miss much by not reading on? Or did the book continue in the same hopelessly amateurish and confused way? It seems the latter. Here’s a review by Wolfgang Kienzler (a shorter version appeared in History and Philosophy of Logic in January this year). Kienzler was evidently no more impressed than I was. (A nice example of Gricean implicature, from this review: “The author seems to enjoy using as many German words and expressions as possible across his text, and it must be admitted that almost all of them are spelled correctly.” Ouch.) The post Dale Jacquette’s biography of Frege, again appeared first on Logic Matters.

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