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New Issues in Epistemological Disjunctivism

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2020.03.12 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Casey Doyle, Joseph Milburn, Duncan Pritchard (eds.), New Issues in Epistemological Disjunctivism, Routledge, 2019, 396pp., $150.00, ISBN 9781138094093. Reviewed by Kegan J. Shaw, Anderson University (SC) Epistemological disjunctivism is a theory of perceptual knowledge -- or least it is usually advanced and discussed in connection with perceptual knowledge. While there isn't one way of stating the view simply, it's safe to say that if it's true then perceptual knowledge can enjoy rational grounds that are both factive and reflectively accessible to the subject. (cf. Pritchard 2012). This book is the first volume dedicated exclusively to investigation of this idea. Here Casey Doyle, Joe Millburn, and Duncan Pritchard have collected seventeen very nice essays that, in my view, not only reflect well the cutting edge but also serve to advance the discussion in interesting and productive directions. The volume will certainly be of interest to those doing research... Read More

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