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The International Journal of Philosophical Studies (IJPS) has selected the winner of its 2019 Robert Papazian Essay Competition. The theme of the 2019 competition was “the ethics and politics of vulnerability”. [Janaina Melo Landini, “Ciclotrama 115 (writing)”]The essay that won is “Matters of Trust as Matters of Attachment Security” by Andrew Kirton (University of Leeds). Here’s an abstract of the paper: I argue for an account of the vulnerability of trust, as a product of our need for secure social attachments to individuals and to a group. This account seeks to explain why it is true that, when we trust or distrust someone, we are susceptible to being betrayed by them, rather than merely disappointed or frustrated in our goals. What we are concerned about in matters of trust is, at the basic level, whether we matter, in a non-instrumental way, to that individual, or to the group of which they are a member. We have this concern as a result of a drive to form secure social attachments. This makes us vulnerable in the characteristic way of being susceptible to betrayal, because how the other acts in such matters can demonstrate our lack of worth to them, or to the group, thereby threatening the security of our attachment, and eliciting the reactive attitudes characteristic of betrayal. For winning the competition, Dr. Kirton will receive a prize of €1,500 (approximately $1,629), provided by the Papazian family. Robert Papazian, for whom the prize is named, was a political prisoner in Iran who was executed in 1982. You can learn more about him and the prize here. As part of the competition, another prize of the same amount, sponsored by the H2020 Project Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action (PEriTia), was awarded to the co-authors of “Vulnerability in Social Epistemic Networks”: Emily Sullivan (EU Eindhoven), Max Sondag (TU Eindhoven), Ignaz Rutter (Universität Passau), Wouter Meulemans (TU Eindhoven), Scott Cunningham. . .

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News source: Daily Nous

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