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Once upon a Time: Essays in the Philosophy of Literature

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2020.02.01 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Peter Kivy, Once upon a Time: Essays in the Philosophy of Literature, Aaron Meskin (ed.), Rowman and Littlefield, 2019, 127pp., $39.95 (pbk), ISBN 9781786607355. Reviewed by John Holliday, Stanford University Peter Kivy is well known for his work in the philosophy of music, and his recent passing is undoubtedly felt in that domain. But later in his career, Kivy turned his focus to the philosophy of literature, with a special aim of defending the common reader, the regular folk who come to novels to be told a good story. This book continues that project; and while it does have the ordinary reader, knowledge acquisition via literature, and the importance of story as common themes, Kivy is clear in his preface that the chapters function as individual essays, each with an independent argument of its own. Thus, in this review, I will consider the chapters in turn. However, there are moments where arguments from... Read More

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