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Bird from KCL to Cambridge’s Russell Professorship

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Alexander Bird, currently the Peter Sowerby Professor of Philosophy and Medicine at King’s College, London (KCL), has been named as the next Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University.  Professor Bird, who moved to KCL in 2018, works in philosophy of science, the philosophy and history of medicine, metaphysics, and epistemology. He new book, Knowing Science, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.  You can learn more about Professor Bird’s research here. The Russell Professorship was created in 1896. It is currently held by Huw Price, who is reportedly retiring in September. The previous Russell Professors were: Simon Blackburn (2001-2011), D. H. Mellor (1986-99), Elizabeth Anscombe (1970-86), John Wisdom (1952-68), G. H. von Wright (1948-51), Ludwig Wittgenstein (1939-47), G. E. Moore (1925-39), and James Ward (1896-1925). Professor Bird is also a composer, and some of his musical works are listed here. Here is his 2018 Movement for Wind Quintet: document.createElement('audio');   The post Bird from KCL to Cambridge’s Russell Professorship appeared first on Daily Nous.

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News source: Daily Nous

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