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Natural deduction for quantifier logic

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It’s very late in the day, as I hope to get IFL2¬†finally off to the Press within the next fortnight or so. But since the natural deduction chapters are new to the second edition it is understandable (I hope!) that I am still worrying away at them, tinkering here and there. Here then is the latest version of the three main chapters on QL proofs. Any last minute corrections and/or helpful comments (other than, perhaps, “use a different proof system”!) will still be most welcome! One feature of the handling of QL proofs here is the sharp distinction made between dummy names (parameters) and fixed-interpretation proper names. As background, the reader will already be familiar with a Fitch-style system for propositional logic (pretty similar to The Logic Book‘s system, but with an absurdity constant and EFQ). The reader will also have done a lot of prior work on the language of QL, at least in an initial way, ¬†hopefully coming to these chapters with a decent understanding of the quantifier/variable notation, and a lot of practice at translations. They won’t, however have met yet the identity predicate, and QL= proofs will come later. The post Natural deduction for quantifier logic appeared first on Logic Matters.

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