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Natural deduction for quantifier logic

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It’s very late in the day, as I hope to get IFL2 finally off to the Press within the next fortnight or so. But since the natural deduction chapters are new to the second edition it is understandable (I hope!) that I am still worrying away at them, tinkering here and there. Here then is the latest version of the three main chapters on QL proofs. Any last minute corrections and/or helpful comments (other than, perhaps, “use a different proof system”!) will still be most welcome! One feature of the handling of QL proofs here is the sharp distinction made between dummy names (parameters) and fixed-interpretation proper names. As background, the reader will already be familiar with a Fitch-style system for propositional logic (pretty similar to The Logic Book‘s system, but with an absurdity constant and EFQ). The reader will also have done a lot of prior work on the language of QL, at least in an initial way,  hopefully coming to these chapters with a decent understanding of the quantifier/variable notation, and a lot of practice at translations. They won’t, however have met yet the identity predicate, and QL= proofs will come later. The post Natural deduction for quantifier logic appeared first on Logic Matters.

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