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Programming with categories

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One of the books I’d set aside until the main work on IFL2 was done and dusted is Brendan Fong and David Spivak’s An Invitation to Applied Category Theory (CUP, 2019 — there’s a late version freely available here). I’ve now had a first proper look. I can’t say that the book overall works very well for me. When the authors are talking about things I already know a fair bit about, I find there are indeed interesting approaches and illuminating comparisons. But when they are introducing new-to-me material it, all goes by too fast to be very helpful. That could of course just be a comment on my inadequacies as a reader! — but I’d be quite surprised if mine weren’t a common reaction. Chapter 7 on sheaves and toposes, for example, is surely going to pretty impenetrable to someone who doesn’t already have some handle on this stuff. However, there are obviously lively minds at work here, and so I’m encouraged to take a look at another of their projects — an MIT course of lectures with the estimable Bartosz Milewski (whose Category Theory for Programmers I think is terrific). The course, Programming for Categories, has a web page here with planned links to videos of each lecture and also links to lecture notes. The lectures are just starting, and new videos/notes should appear five times a week for four weeks. I’ll hope to learn a lot!   The post Programming with categories appeared first on Logic Matters.

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