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Philosophers Raising Funds for Firefighters in Australia

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[photo by Saeed Khan]A collective auction is underway to raise money for firefighters battling fires that have been burning over 15 million acres of Australia. Called “Authors For Fireys,” the the fundraiser involves individual writers and illustrators putting goods and services up for auction on Twitter. The fundraiser began yesterday and ends on Saturday, January 11th. [photo by Saeed Khan]Instructions on how the auction works, and how you can participate in it, are here. Several philosophers are taking part. Check what Erin Nash (a former firefighter-turned-philosopher) put up for auction here, as well as the offerings from Skye Cleary, Kate Manne, and Patrick Stokes. Further information here. The post Philosophers Raising Funds for Firefighters in Australia appeared first on Daily Nous.

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News source: Daily Nous

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