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Philosophy Haiku 2019 (guest post by Eliran Haziza)

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Eliran Haziza, a philosophy graduate student at the University of Toronto, wrote a haiku-detecting program and ran it on philosophy texts. He previously shared some of the wonderful results with us in a comment on a previous post earlier this year. This time, his program scanned around 3000 papers from 33 philosophy journals that were published either online or in print in 2019 (he notes that in some journals, papers that were published in print in 2019 had already been published online 2 or 3 years earlier). He says: “My program found several thousand haiku. Many were automatically filtered out. I saved around 200 that were decent. I hand picked the 25 best. Some are funny. Some are absurd. Some are just too good. Overall they paint a certain picture of academic philosophy.”     Hideo Hagiwara, “Early Spring” Philosophy Haiku 2019 by Eliran Haziza   • • • Distress. An agent has to decide how to act when much is at stake. — Yitzhak Benbaji & Susanne Burri “Civilian Immunity Without the Doctrine of Double Effect” Utilitas • • • Tim and Tom both work at Chase bank, far away from a river with geese. — Travis Timmerman “A dilemma for Epicureanism” Philosophical Studies • • • Suppose I throw a cat at a window, causing the window to break. — Naomi Thompson “Is Building Built?” Analysis • • • There are oranges on the table that number both two and one half. — Eric Snyder & Jefferson Barlew “How To Count 2½ Oranges” Australasian Journal of Philosophy • • • If the water in the lake rises much higher, Sally’s home will flood. — Joseph Len Miller “Decolonizing the demarcation of the ethical” Philosophical Studies • • • In the right panel, a second figure, also seated, faces left. — Richard Hughes Gibson “Signs of Friendship: A Response to Alexander Nehamas’s ‘The Good of Friendship’” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society • • • I don’t ever want to make even a single mistake in grading. — Daniel. . .

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