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Proof and Falsity: A Logical Investigation

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2019.11.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Nils Kürbis, Proof and Falsity: A Logical Investigation, Cambridge University Press, 2019, 308pp., $99.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781108481304. Reviewed by Jaroslav Peregrin, Czech Academy of Sciences/University of Hradec Králové The key message of Nils Kürbis' book is that the enterprise of proof-theoretic semantics, as projected by Dummett and Prawitz, is bound to founder, because, as it currently stands, it offers no adequate accommodation for negation. Kürbis' diagnosis is that proof-theoretic semantics builds exclusively on "positive" notions, whereas negation is incurably "negative". In his own words (p. 122): As it stands, Dummett's and Prawitz's theory appeals only to what might be called positive primitive notions: affirmation, assertion, truth. They avoid negative primitives, such as negation, denial, falsity. The latter are supposed to be defined in terms of the primitive notions of the theory. Put this way it may not be too surprising that the project fails: it is a natural... Read More

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