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Recent Promotion for Automation and Utopia

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Can you have your cake and eat it too?Automation and Utopia has been out for about a month now. I've been doing some promotional work to support it and it has also received its first substantive review. I thought I would provide links to what has been going on here. If you are interested in the book, you can buy a copy at a range of online book sites, including direct from the publisher. If you have read it, you might consider reviewing it online. That would help spread the word.What are we going to do? (Review by John Fanning in the Dublin Review of Books) - Says some very kind things about the book, including "[Danaher] is well versed in the opportunities and problems of a more automated future and his new book provides one of the most wide-ranging discussions of what might be in store…A stimulating and thought-provoking book, fizzing with ideas on a subject that will assume greater importance in the future.” But then also contains some misconceptions of the key arguments. It seems churlish to correct the record but I feel the need to do so:(1) The argument for the Virtual Utopia that I make in the penultimate chapter of the book does not concentrate solely on the idea of a life filled with computer games. The chapter starts with that example but the "utopia of games" that I sketch could have other kinds of games in it, as I hope I make clear in my discussion. Also, the utopia of games is just one of two arguments for the Virtual Utopia.(2) Contrary to the impression created by the review, I don't place much weight on studies like the Oxford (Frey and Osborne) study about 47% of jobs being computerised in my case for technological unemployment. I do cite several such studies but also spend several pages explaining their limitations and then make the argument in a different way. Furthermore, the case for technological unemployment is a relatively small part of the book since lots has been written and said about this already.(3) A minor point: the Gallup poll I. . .

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