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Truth trees for propositional and predicate logic

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With IFL2 (the book itself) temporarily put aside, I’m turning to the task of putting together its associated webpages. The initial effort will go into supplying  answers to the end-of-chapter exercises. This might take a little while! (Even when there is a significant overlap with the exercises for IFL1, I’ll have to LaTeX all the solutions for the first time.) One task, though, is already done. Regular readers here will know — heavens, I’ve bored on about it often enough! — that while IFL1 did logic by truth trees, IFL2 instead uses a Fitch-style natural deduction system. However, if you are fan of trees, all is not lost. I’m making material on trees available as online supplements. These are now available. So you will  find linked here two PDFs. The first (27 pp.), already pre-circulated here,  is heavily rewritten from the propositional truth-tree material in IFL1. The second (43 pp.) simply copies the three chapters on quantification trees from that first edition. Both PDFs should be of some use  to students who want to know about trees (or would like supplementay reading for a tree-based course) even if they aren’t using IFL2. So long as you know something of the basics of propositional logic and truth-tables, and then know the language of quantificational logic, both documents should be quite accessible. The post Truth trees for propositional and predicate logic appeared first on Logic Matters.

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