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Problems of Religious Luck: Assessing the Limits of Reasonable Religious Disagreement

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2019.09.23 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Guy Axtell, Problems of Religious Luck: Assessing the Limits of Reasonable Religious Disagreement, Lexington, 2019, 280pp., $95.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781498550178. Reviewed by Liz Jackson, Australian National University/Ryerson University Many of us wouldn't have the beliefs we do now if we were born in a different family or culture. But since our family and culture could have easily been different, it looks like these beliefs are the result of luck. We nonetheless continue to hold these socially-conditioned beliefs, in many cases in full awareness of the luck involved. Are most of us irrational? Is widespread skepticism appropriate? In this book, Guy Axtell joins this important conversation about lucky belief, with an eye toward the religious case. He focuses on the epistemic justification of religious belief: the "de jure question" (p. 6). Axtell's main target is religious exclusivism -- a doctrinal or soteriological uniqueness that sets a particular religion apart from... Read More

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