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Self-Control, Decision Theory, and Rationality: New Essays

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2019.09.11 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews José Luis Bermúdez (ed.), Self-Control, Decision Theory, and Rationality: New Essays, Cambridge University Press, 2018, 268pp., $105.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781108420099. Reviewed by Richard Pettigrew, University of Bristol     When José Luis Bermúdez invited the authors of this volume to contribute, he described for them the paradigm sort of case he wished the volume to consider and the two questions about it that he wanted them to answer. Here is the version of the paradigm case that Johanna Thoma considers in her chapter ('Temptation and Preference-Based Instrumental Rationality'). You have been working all morning and it is now time for your coffee break. You want to watch an episode of your favourite TV programme during the break but you're worried that, if you do, you'll be tempted to watch a second episode straight after the first has finished, and currently you don't want that because you more strongly... Read More

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